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trainer manager: barefight2

train your fighter and fight in a barefight rule


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barehandfight2.2 android.apk 31 MB


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i just upload version 2.2 and delete version 2.1------ the lifter will destroy when you go to fight mode. when you lose , lose information = +1

trainer manager barefight2



health = your health

stamina = your stamina. if stamina lower than power , you will not punch

clinch = your clinch skill.  the strategy is when your box tec(boxing tecnic) in outside position mode  is lower than oponent box tec , try to clinch him.

box tec = boxing tecnic. when your boxing tecnic is higher then your enemy,, stay at outside position.

position = bigger position point , getting bigger your change to ko enemy. when position is lower than oponent , you order to punch , the fighter probably not punching but he just stay but your position increase.

balance = you losing balance when your punch is miss.. lower balance is bigger change getting hit by oponent. you can increase balance by defend.


very aggresive : it means every turn you will attack

agressive            : you will attack but a little change to defend

normal : 50:50 attack defend

defensive : you will defend but little change to attack

total defend : you will just defend

stay outside : fight in a outside position, in clinch you will try to escape from clinch

normal : confortable in outside and clinch

always clinch : in outside you will try to grab him to clinch , in clinch you will try in clinch as long as possible. 

give all you got : distribution of power , full power when attack , but it will use much stamina

the other is in between

no time to use it: you just distribute 10 percent of your power to attack. it means you just use little stamina

just punch him = every attack you just punch him

try to fokus little bit = litle bit change to ko ing you oponent

in between

only hit him when ko = means you just throw a punch , when your position is higher and you have a change to ko enemy


click play and pouse in fight , click exit when finish fight


train button

conditioning = increase your maximumstamina , health but lower your stamina. when your stamina is below 2 you should rest . and when your stamina is higher than 2 you can train again

rest = you will increase your stamina , and health, but not maximumstamina but to much rest will decrease you maximum stamina 

lifter = increase your power but decrease your stamina and fullstamina

outsidesparring = increase your tecnic / boxing tecnic in outside position

clinch sparring = increase your clinch tecnic in clinch position

jogging = increase your fullstamina 

the strategy keep it balance in train. do not to much rest . it will decrease full stamina

when you going to match , stamina and health will put in the match not the full stamina and full health



neighborhood league = easy  , the oponent stamina is 5 the other atribut below 5

city liga = advanced 


i hope you enjoy my game